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When working with Fair Winds Photo, I want to make sure that the investment you are making produces the wonderful, stunning  photographs you desire. 

To understand the pricing model, I wanted to describe the fee, the services I provide, and the timelines involved.

  • I typically deliver between 60-90 edited, re-touched portraits per hour of shooting. The rate for my portrait and most other non-formal sessions begins at $500* per hour of shooting.  (All editing/re-touching is included)

  • Turn around time from the day of the session until you have the finished image files in-hand is normally 7-10 days.  Even for large events like weddings and corporate events, I can have the images to you in just over a week!

  • Formal events needing advanced planning, lighting, and post-production products may incur a different fee structure to be discussed once the scope of the project has been determined.


I will provide all of the finished, edited digital image files in a private online gallery. 

(Unedited, unusable images are discarded and cannot be provided)


From this online gallery, you can download (without any fee) the entire high resolution gallery so that you have possession of the finished images.


This gallery offers the option to purchase prints, gallery wrap canvases, metallic prints, cards, etc.  All of these digital files are extremely high resolution images shot on top-of-the-line, full frame Nikon cameras and lenses.  You would have full print rights for all digital files for your personal use.  (Images files that will be used for sale or profit would require a digital rights fee/contractual agreement.)  Alternatively, once you have downloaded the images, you can have printed products produced wherever you wish.

*Portrait sessions refer to an individual or one family of two parents with their immediate children.  Additional families/family members would incur an additional fee to be determined at time of booking as they will be receiving individual portraits as well.  Some photo session requests will obviously not fit the mold as a traditional session, so arrangements can be made to have flexible pricing to better suit the assignment. 

Editing a photo shoot is just as much of an adventure as the photography itself.  It lends an opportunity to not only fine-tune an already great image, but also offer options to become artistic and visually dramatic.  Most shots will just need a light touch up while others really lend themselves to become a 'WOW' shot!  


All of the editing begins with high quality, properly calibrated computer monitors.  Most hobbyist photographers that are readily available in every Google search will never attempt to calibrate their equipment.  This leads to odd color hues, improper exposure, and generally poor quality images.     

I use top quality monitors that I calibrate every two weeks using professional tools.  If I so much as change a light bulb in the room where I edit, I will re-run calibration just to be sure that the colors on the screen are reproducing the colors in the real world perfectly.

I use a number of photo editing tools including the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe LightRoom, and Corel Paint Shop Pro.  I have become proficient with them all and have a solid workflow.  All images are shot in RAW and processed from there.  The final files are JPEG.

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